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Note: Effective March 2014, Today’s World is under new management and will be an electronic magazine provided by the History Compilation Committee. We are no longer accepting new subscriptions.


Dear Today’s World subscriber,

We deeply appreciate your years of loyal support. You have not only been readers of the magazine but collectively you have participated in its creation on a monthly basis since 1980. With deep regret for what the magazine has meant to us and what it has meant to members for more than three decades, we are announcing that the magazine will no longer be produced in a paper form. Today’s World chronicled the early years of True Parents’ expansion into the Western world. That record, created by those that funded, contributed articles to and produced Today’s World, will forever remain as a testimony to our True Parents’ great effort and salvific mission.

True Peace, an e-book version of Today’s World, will be available free of charge with registration through the ipeacetv.com web site or directly through smart phones using the KakaoTalk app. (For details, please contact the new editorial team under History Compilation Committee: truepeacemagazine@gmail.com)

The official launching date of True Peace (TP magazine) is 5.1 on the heavenly calendar, the Day of All True Things (May 29, 2014). In the months between the last printed issue of Today’s World, February 2014, and the TP magazine official launching, beta issues of True Peace magazine will be available in English, Spanish and other languages. The English and Spanish March issue is online now. We hope that you continue to share your inspirations and developments in your work of building Cheon Il Guk through TP magazine.

Today’s World announced on page 3 of its February issue that it is no longer accepting subscriptions. Those who have existing subscriptions can choose either to receive reimbursement of the remainder of their subscription fee through their FFWPU national headquarters or to donate the remainder of their subscription fee to the FFWPU International Headquarters. Please contact the FFWPU international headquarters communication office to notify us of your choice so that it can be arranged. If we do not hear from you by July 15, 2014, we understand that you wish to offer your remaining fee as a donation. If you know other subscribers, we would appreciate it if you let them know.

International Headquarters Communications Office

E-mail: ffwpuicomm@gmail.com

Mailing address: FFWPU International Headquarters

                                   13th fl. Dowon Bldg, Dohwa 2 dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Republic of Korea, 121-728

God bless you and your families,


FFWPU International Headquarters



Updated on April 22, 2014
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