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February 2014 

February 2014 issue contents:

  • True Heavenly Parent’s Day / True Mother

  • The Ideal Partner / True Father

  • Cheon Il Guk Absolute Matching 2014 / True Mother

  • Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Presentation Ceremony / True Mother

  • International Leadership Conference 2014 / True Mother

  • Congratulations to the Segye Times / True Mother

  • Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Pledge Ceremony

  • Foundation Day Commemoration, Constitution Proclamation

  • 2014 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony   

  • Celebratory Banquet on the First Anniversary of Foundation Day         

  • Victory Celebration / True Mother

  • Opening Ceremony World National Leaders Assembly 2014 / True Mother

  • Rising to the Challenge of Becoming Owners of Cheon Il Guk / Choi Yeon-ah nim                              

  • Roadmap to Inter-Korean Peace    

  • Citizens Intent on Korea’s Reunification / Citizens’ Federation 

  • Adding Fuel to the Determination to Succeed / Wonmo Pyeongae

  • First International Divine Principle Lecture and Hoondok Contests

  • Brides and Grooms / (Interviews)

  • 2014 World CARP Assembly                             

  • Congratulations on Foundation Day / Kim Se-taek

  • How an Impossible Dream Came True (2013) / Erika Lajdova

  • Toward Constancy of Heart / Thomas Hwang

  • The Victory of the First Anniversary of the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk / Ryu Kyeong-seuk

  • A Hundred Days of Coordinated Effort (Interview) / Ryu Kyeong-seuk


Strategic Frameworks for Vision 2020 Handout material: Checking Points of Strategic Elements


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Some of our Back Issues with the stories covered:

       December 2013
  • Fight, Using the Conscience as Your Teacher (Father)

  • Father’s Life in the Spirit World and Our Lives of Faith

  • Unity Will Come

  • Let’s Put Things in Order

  • Implementing True Father’s Motto Globally

  • True Parents Act to Protect God’s Homeland

  • Goto Case Nears a Verdict: But Will Justice Be Done?

  • When Persecution Stopped:A Look at 313 and 1989

  • Strategic Frameworks for Vision 2020

  • Background on Taiwan and on Same-Sex Influence

  • United to Protect Our Children’s Future

  • Exploits of a Leader of European Youth

      January 2014
  • 2014–2020 Motto Announcement / True Mother

  • What Makes One’s Existence Valuable? / True Mother

  • United Amidst the Whirlwind / True Mother

  • God’s Providence in the Western Hemisphere / True Mother                    

  • True Mother Sets the Motto until 2020 / Thomas Hwang              

  • Strategic Frameworks for Our Vision 2020 Project—Part II / Sam Nagasaka

  • Rebuilding with Vision in the Democratic Republic of Congo / UPF–DR Congo     

  • Brothers United to Counter Communism / Pak Bo-hi

  • The Nitty-Gritty in a Spiritual Life—Part I  /  Kim Won-jong

  • The 2013 African Choir Competition   / Otsuka Katsumi

  • A Voice from Angel’s Heart / Hu-wang Futila                      

  • Engaging with Second-Generation Concerns   / Joy Kennedy      

  • Religious Youth Experience Israel / UPF–Israel

  • Two Reflections (RYS Israel) / Julien Bernard Grau, Anita Chandel            

  • Drawing on Experiences to Face New Challenges / Kwun In-soung

  • A Heavenly Garden in the Sea / Seo Young-ju

  • The Asian Peace and Unity Corps / Ursula McLackland

         October 2013

  • Let us Become Children Who Remain Faithful (Father)
  • The Path to Unity for the People of the World (Mother)
  • Love and Restoration (Mother)
  • Do Not Be Like the Ten Forgotten Ones (Mother)
  • Unite and Be Victorious (Mother)
  • Mother Speaks in Saitama, Japan
  • True Mother in Japan (photographs)
  • True Mother Anoints with Grace the Mother Nation
  • Korea’s Top Guns
  • The First Second-Generation Korean Church President
  • A Scripture for Our Time
  • A Letter from Professor Hwang
  • A Lifetime Investment in Africa
  • On Bringing Blessed Children into the World
  • Education from Heaven
        November 2013
  • The Importance to Witnessing of Mind–Body Unity (Father)
  • Responsibilities Remain
  • Prepare for the Future
  • True Parents Give Hope to the World
  • Spiritual Heritage and Salvific Mission
  • Revival Rallies in America
  • Beginning Hoondok Churches in Daegu
  • Home Group Passion Ignites in Malaysia
  • Home Church and Vision 2020
  • Filipino Members Worry about Their Families
  • True Mother and FFWPU Members Lend Support
  • Parents and Their Adolescents
  • From Montreal to Kathmandu


August 2013

         August 2013

  • Our Course and True Parents’ True Love
  • Our Way Forward
  • On the Reunification of the Koreas
  • My Husband’s Life, His Presence and His Vision
  • The Significance of the Moment (Kwon-jin nim)
  • Holy Day Pledge Service (photographs)
  • True Father is Still Interacting with Us
  • Appreciation Remarks (Sun-jin nim)
  • The Word Must Breathe within Us All
  • Be Confident, Be Fruitful
  • Empowerment Begins at Home (Alexa Ward)
  • On the Passing of the Messiah (Pak Bo-hi)
  • The True Mother I Know (Jeong Won-ju)
  • True Parents in Canada (Franco Famularo)
  • A Testimony to Father at East Garden (Miho Panzer)
  • Invocation (George Agustus Stallings)
  • He is Here with Us Today (Jose De Venecia)
  • Recognizing a Korean Ideal (Lee Cheol-seung) Sun Myung Moon's Ascension (Seongta)
  • Cheon Il Guk Constitution (photograph)
  • Listing of Global Church Assets (photograph)
  • Holy Books in Translation (photographs)
  • Vision 2020 Strategic Conference Overview
  • Vision 2020 Administrative Guidelines (Cho Sung-il)
  • A Means to Elevate Young Unificationists (Kim Man-ho)
  • Japanese Pilgrim Cyclists (photographs)

     September 2013

  • Love All People (Father)
  • Preparing for the Second Anniversary
  • Illuminate True Parents’ Dreams
  • Summer Camp in Korea
  • Summer Rallies in Japan
  • UPF Educational Programs
  • Persuading People and Planting Father’s Vision
  • WFWP’s Peace Ideology Fuels Its Good Work
  • A Principled Lifestyle in a Business Atmosphere
  • The Righteous Are as Bold as a Lion

June 2013 issue

          June 2013 

  • The Two Worlds I Relate To: Part I (Father)

  • Polishing Our Tradition

  • Middle East Peace and Children of Cheon Il Guk

  • Gem-like True Words of Truth

  • New Scriptures to Expedite Settlement

  • New Scriptures and God's Commandment

  • Cheon Il Guk Scriptures, the Creation Process

  • MEPI: A Priceless Experience Become the Source

  • An Inside Look at Witnessing in Japan

  • The Project to Support Vision 2020

  • Workshops as Preparation for Vision 2020

  • An Enhanced Perception of True Parents

July 2013

        July 2013 

  • The Two Worlds I Relate To: Part lI (Father)
  • Words of Life from True Mother
  • First Hawaiian Workshop for True Parents' Grandchildren
  • The Righteous Are as Bold as a Lion (Part 1)  
  • Further Adventures in True Parents' Alaskan Training Ground
  • 2013 Today’s World Readers’ Survey   
April 2013 issue

         April 2013

  • My Loving Hometown (Father)
  • True Mother Addresses Church Leaders
  • True Mother Emphasizes Witnessing
  • On the Suffering Path of the Lord (Part 2 )
  • Love is Just a Memory
  • A Special Envoy’s Initial Assessment  
  • Project 2020
  • Inter-Korean Relations
  • How to Deal with a Nuclear North Korea?
  • The Koreas: News and Resources
  • A Woman’s Rightful Place in the Family
  • Let’s Not Underestimate
  • What the Rights of Women Merit
  • Women as Change Agents

        May 2013

  • The Word Forms the Substructure of Our Unity

  • Mother Speaks to Members around the World

  • True Mother's Frontline Leadership (photos)

  • Toward the Realization of Cheon Il Guk

  • On the Suffering Path of the Lord (Part 3 )

  • Chung Su-won's Seonghwa Ceremony

  • Zimbabwe in Our Interdependent World

  • Interconnected Humanity

  • A Presidential Visit to a Remote Mission Outpost

  • A Life Dedicated to Reunification

February 2013          February 2013
  • New Year's Benediction and Message for the New Year
  • Heavenly Parent's Day Speech
  • True Mother Sets the Course for the Future
  • A Warrior's Final Days (Kook-jin nim's tribute)
  • True Mother's Life Story
  • Unlocking Your Spouse's Heart
  • Finding the Messiah's Bride On the Suffering Path of the Lord
  • Let's Take Command of Our Future
  • ACLC Ministers as Divine Principle Lecturers
  • Life Out of Chaos
  • My Family's Damascus Experience
  • Help with Finding Your Eternal Love
March 2013         March 2013 (Comemorative issue on Foundation Day)
  • True Mother Speaks to Church Elders

  • Initiating National Debate on Korea's Reunification

  • True Family True Parent's Day Photograph

  • Cheon Il Guk Matching

  • Multicultural Peace Festival

  • Cosmic Holy Blessing

  • Wonmo Pyeong-ae Foundation

  • Global Women's Peace Network Assembly

  • Youth Federation Assembly

  • World CARP Assembly

  • Coronation Ceremony

  • Registration Blessing

  • UPF: World Summit 2013

  • Foundation Day Victory Celebration

  • National Leaders World Assembly

  • World Summit Banquet

  • Religious Leaders’ Sports Competition

  • Universal Ballet

  • Universal Peace Academy

  • Foundation Day Media Coverage

December 2012           December 2012
  • A Foundation of Oneness

  • Indemnity and Returning Glory to Heaven

  • With Father in the Early Days (photographs)

  • True Mother's Life Story

  • Candid Q and A II (International President)

  • Foundation Day and the Path We Should Follow

  • Momentary Encounters with Father

  • True Mother Hosts a Sermon-Giving Contest

  • Visiting the House of Sharing

  • A Battle for Alliance in a Volatile Atmosphere

  • Nation-Building Potential

  • Enjoyable Witnessing

January 2013          January 2013
  • Looking toward Victory on Foundation Day

  • Guidance at the Christmas Speech Exhibition

  • With Father in the Early Days (photographs)

  • True Mother's Life Story

  • The Good Sex Revolution (Interview)

  • The Wonmo Pyeong-ae Foundation and UPAcademy

  • Why Churches Grow in a Free Society

  • Relaunching a Nation

  • Unificationists around the World

  • South Korean People and the 2012 Election

  • True Parents' Choice

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