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Welcome to the TODAY'S WORLD magazine website


The web site you are visiting is new. It has been set up to provide an online method of finding out about our magazine and of contacting us if you wish to. If time permits, we will try to expand the site to include a greater variety of archived material that will allow you greater insight into the history and progress of the unification movement.

We will be happy to help with any enquiries, or to solve any problems that have arisen with subscriptions or delivery of the magazines. And if you wish to ask us -- or express your opinion -- about the content of the magazine, or would like our permission to reproduce content from TODAY'S WORLD, we will respond to your request or comments swiftly.

We hope that, whether you receive TODAY'S WORLD magazine or not--and whether or not you are familiar with the Unificationist outlook--you will find something of interest at this site.

TODAY'S WORLD magazine was principally created for the English-speaking members of the Unification community. Its content is based on the belief that Reverend and Mrs. Moon are responding to God's call, and that this finds expression in the many and diverse projects and activities of Tongilgyo International they have founded, and the organizations they have inspired or supported. Reverend Moon would say that his role is only relevant if he succeeds in helping humankind rise to a new level of experience of God's love and greater power in healing the wounds of history. His constant encouragement to those who follow him is not just to follow him but get out there and do something of profound value to humankind. That presents a considerable challenge to most of us: we subscribe to ideals of goodness, yet we must still fight off the desire to live in relative comfort--and we are not always successful in this.

It is therefore intended that TODAY'S WORLD magazine play a role beyond the conveying of news within a movement (there are many ways to receive up-to-the-minute news these days). It seeks to encourage and support the many projects of the broad-based Unification movement, and to inspire people on their path toward deeper relationship with their Creator. It seeks to encourage us all to become people--and families--with integrity in a world where that is not always seen as a priority, and thus to inspire and challenge us to put a greater purpose of our community, nation and world before ourselves. To accomplish this TODAY'S WORLD reports on some remarkable projects, events and personal experiences. It aims to leave the reader with the feeling that he or she can do similar things. 

Even if you do not subscribe to the Unificationist cause, and even if the philosophical outlook seems beyond your experience, you might find it interesting to take a brief look. You are welcome to contact us to discuss anything you read.

The Editor